From the moment you rise in the morning until you retire for the night, you are likely to encounter 1000’s or more examples of graphic design in advertising. Indeed, advertisements envelop us in our daily lives, appearing virtually everywhere we turn. If you find yourself still taken aback by the magnitude of this number, it’s likely due to your growing accustomed to the pervasive presence of advertising. Whether you’re seated on the subway, commuting to work, strolling to a friend’s house, or simply using your cellphone, you are continually exposed to a relentless stream of advertisements.

Good design, in a visual arts context, must satisfy aesthetic needs as well as social, environmental, and economic needs. Advertising design evolved out of these principals and has become increasingly important in today’s business world. A professional looking logo, website, flyer or streaming ad, are the way a company presents itself, and are the foundation of the image it projects.

Grey Media Services is dedicated to these principles and is constantly striving to reach new heights in design theory and technology. We offer graphic design solutions for all types of printed and digital media.

Business Card Design & Printing

We offer design and printing of business cards, postcards, flyers, letterheads, envelopes,  and other printed materials at very competitive prices!

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We believe that one of the things most critical to a company’s success is how it is perceived.

A professional looking business or postcard creates a positive “corporate image” that inspires consumer confidence and reinforces brand recognition. This “corporate image” is how the outside world will view your company and will ultimately lead to increased sales.

Catalogue Design & Layout

Catalogs offer a tactile and tangible experience, providing customers with a physical item to engage with. This hands-on interaction can create a stronger connection with the products and the brand. They are also accessible offline, making them convenient in areas with limited internet connectivity. The creative control in designing catalogs allows for a visually appealing representation of a brand’s identity and product offerings. Furthermore, catalogs can be precisely targeted, reaching the right demographics, and they are free from online distractions, ensuring a focused shopping experience. Personalization and the potential for long-term reference or collectibility add to their appeal and can confer a competitive edge to businesses.

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