If you’ve ever searched for something on Google or Bing, you know that thousands, or often millions of results are generated. You may have wondered what factors determine the ordering of results, and how can you get your site to come up on the front page. Let us introduce you to the world of search engine optimization or SEO, as it is commonly referred to.

Search engine optimization is the technique of using strategically placed keywords and properly executed code to help search engines find and categorize a website. A search engines goal is to deliver the most relevant results possible in a search. Therefore you must convince the search engine that your site is one of the best possible options, for the words that were used in the Google search.

By incorporating specific keywords and phrases into the content of your pages, your site becomes more visible to search engines and is consequently ranked higher on the list of search results. Sounds simple, but there are often hundreds or even thousands of websites competing for the same thing.

We would be happy to review your website and present you will some options on how we can improve the ranking of your site today.

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