In today’s digital landscape, websites face incessant bombardment and attacks from automated bot servers, hackers, and spammers. These malicious actors often aim to gain unauthorized access to your files, which can have serious consequences. Once your site is compromised, it can be exploited as a spam server without your knowledge, or your confidential information could be exposed. Additionally, compromised websites risk being banned by search engines like Google, resulting in decreased online visibility.

At Grey Media Design, we prioritize the security of your website. Our expertise lies in safeguarding WordPress™-based websites. Through a range of backend modifications and utilization of cutting-edge security software, we can effectively block most unwanted traffic attempting to access your site.

To learn more about safeguarding your website, we invite you to visit our page on SSL encryption.

WordPress™ Maintenance & Security Insurance

We will keep your WordPress™ backed up and up to date.
Should your site ever get hacked we will repair and clean the site for no charge.

Secure your WordPress website!

Cost: $129/Year (plus HST)

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