All websites today are constantly being bombarded and attacked by robot servers (bots), hackers and spammers, often in an attempt to gain access to your files. Should your site become compromised, it would give them the ability to use your site as a Spam server without your knowledge, or they could even gain access to your confidential information. Furthermore, a compromised site can be banned by Google and other search engines, making it difficult to get found online.

At Grey Media Design we take your security very seriously. We specialize in securing websites built on the WordPress™ framework. By employing a number of back-end modifications to your site and using the latest security software, we can ensure most unwanted traffic is blocked from accessing your site.

For more information on protecting your site, please our page on SSL encryption.

WordPress™ Maintenance & Security Insurance

We will keep your WordPress™ backed up and up to date.
Should your site ever get hacked we will repair and clean the site for no charge.

Secure your WordPress website!

Total Cost: $129/Year

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